Thursday, February 10, 2011

Muscles RAWR!!!

Oh manish arms of little muscles have been popping up again since I started exercising with Bob Harper's videos, dang it! Let me tell you, that man (Bob) is BRUTAL, he is NOT nice like he is on the TV show "The biggest loser" This DVD is the best 12 dollars I ever spent!!!! You can find it at Target. There are 3 different DVD's in his series, not including his new kettlebell DVD. The only issue some of you may find is that the running time of each video is a little over a hour long. There is a 20 minute workout that you can do if you are short on time.

You can actually get it on for 10.49 right now

and for funsies, a pic of me and my lady guns!!!! Rahhhhhhhhhhhh

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